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BlobBorne by Kibzz
tubby fairy : art for RemRamLuigi by magicghostslime
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birthday gift: cake a'plenty by magicghostslime
Comic - This is fine by DaeBelly
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[Commission] Eva's Completed Task by MechaCross

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Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

The Trials of a Witch by SV-Writer

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-Description under construction c: -

TummyCrit is a group for belly fetish artists who are dedicated to improving, refining, and harnessing their technique and ability and would like some honest critique on their work.

We feel there are not many places you can go within the community for this sort of thing and usually comments are limited to either blind praise or silence.
To avoid a cacophony of images cluttering up the place, we have a submission limit (1 per week), and separate folders for Members and Contributors.
Once a Contributor, any member to the group can submit pieces hassle free that they would like to have looked at by a more critical eye to the more exclusive and noticeable "Featured" folder. All members should try their hardest to help in whatever area a submitter needs, or where you feel you can offer assistance.

Although this is for members of the belly community, as a belly artists your submissions are not limited to just that. We actively encourage and focus upon an individual's own original ideas, such as characters, story-lines and worlds.

TummyCrit is here to provide both a critical and a nurturing environment. Active discussion is encouraged, and various events and features will be planned in the future to encourage a more critical community for belly artists who believe strongly in their work and its worth.
Founded 4 Years ago
May 12, 2013


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313 Members
543 Watchers
42,206 Pageviews
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The Contributor rank is less of an admin rank as it is a position that lets you contribute art to be critiqued from the Featured folder. To become a contributor, note :icontransdimentropolitan: or :iconaxlwisp: :3








Hi All, Axl here!

I realize, despite my utter abandonment of this group, that it is still being used by people. That is, I see new submissions constantly, and there are a decent number of members. That said, I'm skeptical as to how many of us are actually using the group for its intended function: submitting artwork that they would like constructive feedback on. More importantly, I'm not sure if members are providing such feedback.

Here's the ultimatum: since I can't manage the group and I don't know anyone who can, I'd rather close it up than let it be a random place to pool your belly art, since that's not why I started the group up in the first place. I will not close it if there's evidence that people are using it for its intended purpose, in which case I'll keep it going so that if people want to ask for/give critiques, they can. Comment below if you enjoy using this group for giving/getting feedback, or on the contrary, if that aspect of the group has fallen by the wayside. This isn't to target or shame anyone! I'm grateful that people submit things to the group and want to be contributors, but again, I'd rather not let the group rot if it isn't being used for crits~

Thanks for reading, everyone! Comment below with your thoughts!
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Caps lock draws in all the babes ;3

:bulletyellow:HOW TO CONTRIBUTE:bulletyellow:
As a member, you can post material to the group, but only to the "Members" folder. To post to featured, you need to be a contributor. Apply for this position by shooting a note to :icontransdimentropolitan:. Anyone can be a contributor, but our expectation is that as one you take active part in the community, not just with posts, but with critique, discussion, and general group stuff. We also expect you to be on good behaviour, but you can read all about that below ;p

:bulletgreen:CONTRIBUTOR EXPECTATIONS:bulletgreen:

As a contributor, you should be interested either in posting works you want critiqued (and only works you want critiqued), offering critique to such works via comment, or both. If you do not plan on doing any of the above regularly, consider just watching us instead, or becoming a casual member.

This is not a belly group where you can dump all your art for publicity. We understand, it's easy to just select every belly group in the drop-down menu whenever you submit a new pic, but refrain from doing that with us, pleaaaase. OR ELSE. Treat this as a tool for you to receive valuable feedback on pieces that you want critiqued. Scraps and other such things probably won't fit that bill.
We have a limit of one submission per week to avoid overcrowding, as well as to encourage the best selections on the artist's part. This submission limit applies to both members and contributors.

:bulletblue:Guidelines for Artists:bulletblue:
These are important to keep in mind in a critical community, especially if you're sensitive:
1. Do not take anything personally. We cannot guarantee that you will like every critique posted on your work. In fact, we can guarantee you will not like every critique posted on your work. Use your own judgement when dealing with other people's comments: if you think the advice is valuable, follow it. If it upsets you, give it some time and please don't take offense to it. We really are just trying to help. If you think someone is being brutal or unfair to you, tell an admin and we will look into it.
2. Don't start fights. For the lovva goddddd, please don't. This includes bitching, sniping, insulting, bullying, etc. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Debates are one thing, provided they don't become too heated. Attacking someone is another thing entirely. This ties into the first guideline: as a poster, you have a responsibility (more to yourself than to anyone else) not to jump on everyone who says something you don't agree with. Don't be defensive, be curious. You can ask someone to clarify or explain without snarling at them, yes?
3. Be active? :3 What I mean is, if you can, get involved with other aspects of the group besides submitting. We need all the critique we can get, so if you see a pic you'd like to comment on, lend your voice. And that leads us to...

:bulletorange:Guidelines for Critique:bulletorange:
1. Be honest. Speak from the heart, not from the ass :3 if you see something you'd like to comment on in a piece, comment on it, even if you aren't sure what it is about that something which grabbed you. At the very least you're bringing it to everyone's attention, which can initiate further discussion. Likewise, if you can, try to wean yourself off of 'I like...' or 'I dislike' statements. Try to figure out why you like or don't like something.

2. Be fair, i.e. Don't be brutal. Artists are sensitive about their art: that's a general truth, and it's not a sign of weakness. That said, they sure don't need to be verbally knifed in the face regarding something into which they've put hard work. Please keep in mind that you will be dealing with thin-skinned and otherwise sensitive artists in your critique, so keep it gentle. Honesty is still important, but you can be honest and constructive without being a terror. If you can, throw in some positive words. Which leads into my next point...

3. Ideas are fair game too. Though not in the same way as technical aspects. Feel free to say what you think about the less physical aspects of a piece, such as the idea, the character, the mood, etc etc. Critique does not have to be confined to the art itself. That said, don't let yourself get carried away with symbolic implications and genre markers (which are totally prominent in the belly community anyway :| ). At the end of the day, make sure to throw in some constructive feedback as well.

4. Be clear. I put this last because of what I said before: sometimes you won't be entirely sure what to think about a certain part of a pic. A lot of people would say to keep your mouth shut in situations like this, but I still think it's valuable to comment on things, even if you're a little vague. If the artist asks for clarification, think deeper, or get into a discussion about that part of the pic with the artist or other contributors. At the end of the day, if you can generate a critical dialogue regarding a work, everyone usually wins. c:

That's all for now. Happy critting~


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Thanks for accepting me as a member! :meow:
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Do you want a commission?
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Quick Question: Do you accept pregnant bellies here?
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Would it be against the rules if I posted a picture by a friend? With permission, of course. They do not have the picture submitted in their gallery, and it is based off characters created by myself (gift art). We're both interested in seeing a critique.

I have it clear that the picture is not of my own drawing in the description.
Xx-Dusty-Dragon-xX Featured By Owner Edited Feb 3, 2015   Digital Artist
What? Sniping is against the rules? You're telling me I can't do fat art of girls holding snipers? That's the discrimination, segregation and humiliation contributing to the deterioration of our nation. As a proud Haitian this offends me and I'm starting to lose my patience.

burlycalligrapher Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
anyone? there was a picture I'm looking for but can't find.not sure by who but a cubby girl eating toast while standing on a scale as her zipper bursts. i think she was wearing purple. anyone know what that is or who its by
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Looking for Preg RP partners. Mostly dealing with rapid preg and/or transformations. Send me a note if interested ~_^
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